Recipes and ideas

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Full Kimchi Breakfast!


Toast a large slice of wholemeal bread.

Top with an omelette made from 2 large eggs, add 2 slices of bacon and some fried mushrooms.

Finish with a generous helping of kimchi and a sprinkling of fresh parsley.



Kimchi and avocado toast with tahini sauce

Start with a good thick slice of

seeded bread.

Cover with smashed avocado, and a good helping of kimchi on top of that. 

Drizzle with tahini sauce (mix tahini with a bit of kimchi juice), and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.


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Samgyupsal Gui
(Grilled/pan fried pork belly bbq)

A Korean classic meat dish.

Put some rice, pork belly, homemade ssamjang (homemade soya bean dipping sauce), and kimchi in a lettuce leaf. 


You can add some thinly sliced raw garlic and chilli to give it an extra kick.

Wrap it up but make sure your parcel is not too big as it must go in your mouth in one go!